Best Food Pairings With Natural Wines

Glass-Of-Red-Wine-And-Sliced-ham natural wines from the UK

Wine is best enjoyed when it is matched with the right food, bringing out the flavour and intensity of one other. 

When it comes to natural wines from the UK, the only difference is the flavour might be stronger so it is even more important it is matched with the right dish.

At the same time, each bottle of natural wine might vary slightly, so consumers need to go by their instinct and trust their palate. 

Sparkling wine typically works best with fatty, rich foods, with sommelier Anna Maria Kambourakis explaining: “The bubbles serve as a palate cleanser and the acidity cuts through the grease.”

Try a sparkling white with oysters, cheese croquettes or calamari, as it is able to balance the strong flavours in the mouth. 

Red wines go best with foods rich in spices, such as Indian, Arabic, South American and Asian meals. 

Most people know to pair rich reds with meats, but lighter reds can also go pleasantly with fish and seafood. They also team well with tomato-based sauces, so consider a light red when you’re eating Italian. 

Natural white wine is best suited to light dishes, such as fish, but it also suits Spanish rice or vegetable plates.

For a rose wine, you should drink this when enjoying some nibbles. Its flavour goes well with cheeses, salty snacks and cured meats, so rose is an ideal choice for a summer’s evening entertaining. 

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